New Wii U information including release date and price

The Wii U is going to be available on december 8th in two different sizes 8GB for 26,250 Yen and 32GB for 31,500 Yen and it also is going to be released in two different colors white and black.The Wii U itself has 2GB memory, 1GB for system memory and 1GB for games. The console uses its own optical disc format, which can store up to 25GB.
If you don´t already own a Wii, Nintendo has already prepared something for you a accessory bundle, which includes a Wii remote, nunchuck and a sensor bar this bundle is going to be sold for 5,250 Yen. If you already own a Wii you are going to be able to transfer all your downloaded games to your new Wii U system.
Nintendo also confirmed Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U are going to be launch titles in Japan.