Level 5 is being sued by SEGA for $11 Million

A lawsuit against Level 5 has been filed by SEGA, because Inazuma Eleven is infringing two of their patents. If SEGA wins this lawsuit Level 5 will have to stop selling eight of their Inazuma Eleven games and will have to pay 11 Million USD. The reason they are suing Level 5 is because, their Inazuma Eleven games are using the control mechanic to move the characters by using a finger or a stylus on a touchscreen which is infringing two patents owned by SEGA.

The 8 games sold more than three million units meaning Level 5 owes SEGA 11 million USD in royalties. What kind of patents they were infringing has not been explained bus Level 5 says they are prepared to refute SEGA´s claims.