The Persona 3 Movie maybe has multiple parts/versions

Persona 3 Movie Cover
The official website for the persona 3 movie has been updated for the first time but there is one major difference to the old version besides the design it now displays “Persona 3 the Movie #1 2013 in theaters” instead of just “Persona 3 the Movie Coming Soon”. We do now know the movie will be in Japanese theaters in 2013 but what does the #1 mean?

It could mean the movie will be split into multiple parts like the Evangelion remake or the movie could be released in two different versions a male and a female version. If you are not aware of it the PSP version of Persona 3 did feature the option to play as a female protagonist, instead of the male protagonist.
What do you think does the #1 mean let us know in the comments.
Update: The Persona 3 Movie will be split into multiple parts.