The Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid 5 (RUMOR)

On the VGA a new trailer for a game called The Phantom Pain has been shown, the game is being produced by a new developer called Moby Dick Studio. The only way to watch the trailer is this VGA video at minute 10:40.

This trailer started many rumors about the game really being Metal Gear Solid V.
Here is what made the rumors start:

- Continued play on “phantom”, where “Two Phantoms were born” stands as the tagline for Ground Zeroes’ first concept material.
- Volgin lookalike wreathed in flames.
- Hallucinating petals straight from MGS3′s climax.
- Floating figure with audible breaths muffled by mask, ala Psycho Mantis.
- Similar facial scars between in-game model and Snake concept art for Ground Zeroes.
- The mullet.
- Joakim Mogren, where Joakim is an anagram for Kojima.

Source: neogaf