Where To Start: Anime

Many of you have asked me for some good animes to start out on, so today I am bringing you guys the best animes to start out with, in no particular order! (Everything is based on my own opinion and not a fact)

The World God only knows / Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

TWGOK is a romantic gaming comedy about Keima Katsuragi, a self proclaimed god, you may ask: “what kind of God is he?” He is the god of capturing the hearts of every girl — in dating sims of course. He has given up on the real world and lives in the 2D world of retro and dating sims. One day Keima receives a email on his PFP challenging him to capture girls, he accepts this challenge thinking some one wants to give him a game to review. But this is not the case this mail actually was sent by a demon, now he must capture the hearts of real life girls or else he will die. We actually have a review of this anime on the site you can watch it here.

Kaiji / Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji

The only way to describe Kaiji is thrilling, thrilling is a very generic way to describe a show but Kaiji is the most thrilling and well thought through show I have watched. The main protagonist Kaiji is a hopeless Gambling addict without a job, one day Endou a debt collector comes to visit him and tells him his previous work mate Furuhata disappeared and he previously co-signed for him a loan of 300,000 Yen (with interest 3,850,00 yen). Kaiji gets one chance from Endou to clear his debts he is invited onto a ship where debtors have to gamble with loaned money but only 50% of the debtors return the losers get into forced labor where they have to work 10-20 years to pay their debt of and many don´t return at all. Kaiji accepts this invitation to the ship of hope, this is were the night of do or die gambling starts.

Kanon (2006)

Kanon is a drama based on the visual novel Kanon made by Key.
Aizawa Yuuich often visited his cousin in the city as a child, but the has forgotten everything about it and now 7 years later he visits this town once more. He meets several girls who seem to have met him before, but he doesn´t know them. After interacting with them his lost memories start resurface… What tragic events did occur 7 years ago? Kanon at first seems like your standard harem/slice of life show, but this will change once you get deeper into the show and it becomes something different.


Steins;Gate is a thriller based on a visual novel by 5pb and Nitroplus.
The show is about Okabe Rintarou a self proclaimed mad scientist who modified a microwave so it is able to send text messages back into the past. But little did they know another organization called SERN is also researching time traveling to reign over the world. SERN now is trying to capture them to find out about their time travel method and to silence them. The only way for Okabe to avoid being captured is to change the past…
You can watch a full review here.

Death Note

Light Yagami, a Japanese high school student tired of his life one day finds a black note book with the title Death Note. The notebook has rules in it stating if he writes the name of a person into it, the person who´s name he wrote will die. Light thinks this book is a joke and tries it out, but to his surprise the person really dies. Light sets out to a journey to kill all criminals using the death note to become the god of a new world, free of hatred and crime. To reach the end of his journey is not as easy as he thought it would be, because the world best detective L is trying to catch him and thus starts the cat and mouse game of justice.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have convinced you to check at least one of these animes out.

    • Everett De Leon

      I’d advise Cowboy Bebop. I have found that to be the best starter anime on top of being friggin great

    • Relaxin

      I’d advise Cowboy Bebop be on here. It is a good starter anime on top of being a good anime in general.