Fate/extra CCC Opening Streamed

Marvelous AQL, the developer of the Fate/extra games uploaded the animated opening to their upcoming PSP RPG Fate/extra CCC. The opening has been animated by the animation studio SHAFT, which previously worked on Puella Magi Madoka Magica and on Bakemonogatari. The Fate/extra games are part of the Fate franchise (Fate/zero and Fate/stay night) but are not developed by type moon, which developed all other Fate/ related Visual Novels and Light Novels. Fate/extra CCC is the second Fate/extra game released, the first game only titled Fate/extra got released last Spring. While this game is at the moment only available in Japan the prequel was released in the West, for the Sony PSP.

Fate/extra CCC is going to get released on March 28th in Japan, you can preorder the game here.