Get MAME on the iPhone and iPad while you can

Gridlee-iconThe MAME emulator software found it´s way back into the Apple App Store.
The emulator disguises itself as a free game called Gridlee, on the surface the app looks just like a iOS port of the unreleased arcade game Gridlee, but in reality it is the MAME emulator, running the Gridlee ROM. You are able to install numerous other games just by inserting their ROMs into the ROM folder of the Gridlee app using, a software which allows you to see the directory of your iDevice, like iExplore.

The emulator inside of Gridlee features a way better version of MAME than the previously released iMAME which has been taken down from the App Store in 2011, because Apple does not condone emulators on its devices. The updated MAME version even allows the use of a iCade as a controller.

You can download the app for free of the iOS App Store, and you should do so quickly because once Apple finds out there is a Emulator on their service they are most likely going to take it down.

Source: CultofMac