The Kamisama Dolls Manga is going to end this February

Kamisama Dolls cover Hajime Yamamura, the creator of mangas such as Embryon Road, Kamunagara and Kyoukai Sensen, is going to end his most successful manga yet, Kamisama Dolls. Kamisama Dolls is also his only work which has gotten adapted into a anime. The manga is going end in the next issue of shogakukan’s monthly Sunday GX magazine, which will be available in stores starting February 19th. To celebrate the end of this six year long running manga series, it is going to have it´s own color opening page and it will be featured on the cover of the magazine.

The manga is about a teenager called Kyōhei, who grew up in a mysterious village with figures which look like robots which are known as Kakashi. But he leaves his past behind him and moves to Tokyo to go to college. Unable to escape his past he sees a horrific crime being caused by a member of the village and his Kakashi in Tokyo.

The finale of the Kamisama Dolls will be published on February 19th in shogakukan’s monthly Sunday GX magazine.