2nd Shining Ark Opening

SEGA just released the second opening for their upcoming PSP JRPG Shining Ark.

In the story of SEGA´s Shining Ark, Fried, a resident of the island of Arcadia, finds a girl in danger and saves her. The girl named Panis then recovers thanks to his efforts, and his freshly-baked bread. Although Fried thought it would be very difficult to get the villagers to accept Panis, they eventually agree to let her in the village. Soon, Panis begins to show signs of mysterious powers: her singing voice can make plants grow and gather birds and fish around her. The villagers, seeing this, call her an “angel.” However, there are those who come to the island who target the angel, and one day, on the night of the red moon, a large shadow appears to attack Panis.

Shining Ark is going to be on Japanese store shelves starting February 28th.

Source: ANN