New Mario Kart Arcade Game

New Mario Kart Arcade Machines

Namco Bandai, the creator of the two previous Mario Kart arcade games, announced today they are going to resume their work and are creating a new Mario Kart Arcade game. Marios newest Kart adventure will be titled Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX and it will feature many of the inovations of other Mario Kart kart games. The game will feature the gliding and underwater mechanics of Mario Kart 7 and it will also feature the two player co-op mode of Mario Kart Double Dash.

The Mario Kart series always featured many characters and courses inspired from different Nintendo franchises, but with this new title being developed by Namco Bandai and not by Nintendo allowing them to add their own characters, like they did previously with Pac-Man, for this title they are going to add Wada-don the mascot of the Taiko: Drum Master as a playable character. They also are adding a Taiko: Drum Master level.