You will be able to use the Oculus Rift even if you wear glasses

Oculus Glasses

Oculus just sent out a new newsletter to all their Kickstarter backers, in this newsletter they unveiled a few new additions they made to the developerkit which starts shipping in march. The new developerkit comes with three sets of eye lenses for the Rift, set A for great vision and for people with farsighted vision, set B and C are for nearsighted and moderately nearsighted people. You can take a look at the different lenses in the picture above. But this isn´t the only new addition they announced, they also said the rift is going to have a geared mechanism that allows you to extend and retract the assembly that holds the screen and the eyecups to position it comfortably. This is going to be very useful in two cases, if you wear glasses and your glasses won´t fit into the Rift, and if you use shorter eyecups.

Source: Oculus Newsletter