Conception Sequel Announced

conception 2

A Famitsu leak confirmed Spike Chunsoft´s “baby making dungeon crawler RPG”, Conception is getting a sequel for both PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. The sequel is going to be titled Conception II. The leak announced the second Conception game is going to have more than twice the content that the original had. While the genre of the game might have you believe this is a galge, it is in fact not. In the game you can fall in love, with the female characters in the game and have kids with them. You then are able to take your kids with you into dungeons, to defeat enemies with their help.

Some of you might be wondering how different the 3DS version is from the PS Vita, the main difference is going to be the 2D avatars you are going to see in conversations on the 3DS, instead of the 3D models in the Vita version of the game. You can take a look at the graphics of the different versions in the screenshots below.

3DS Version:

PS Vita version: