Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods IMAX Trailer

The official Dragon Ball Z website release the first IMAX trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball movie, Battle of Gods which is also known as “kami to kami” in Japan. You can take a look at the trailer above. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is canon and is set in the “lost decade”, which takes place some time after the Majin Buu saga.

Here is a short synopsis of what we already know about the story of the movie:

Birusu, the god of destruction who has maintained the balance of the universe, has awakened from a long slumber. Hearing rumors of a Saiyan who defeated Freeza, Birusu comes looking for Goku.

Excited that a powerful oponent has appeared after so long, Goku ignores King Kai’s advce and challenges Birusu in a battle. However, Goku is no match for Birusu’s overwhelming power and is defeated. Birusu leaves after uttering an ominous message, β€œIs there anyone on Earth more worthy to destroy?” Will Goku and the others really be able to stop the God of Destruction?!

DBZ: Kami to Kami is going to start airing in Japanese cinemas this March 30th.

Source: ANN