European Devil Survivor 2 Release Needs Your Support


The European video game publisher, Ghostlight posted an update, about the localization of Devil Survivor 2, onto their official website. The update states, that the European version of the game is already completely finished, and that it already has been approved by Nintendo, for a release in Pal territory. However the support for Nintendo DS games in Europe is currently low, because of the 3DS, making it difficult for them to release the game. But they still are looking into ways to release the game in some form in Europe. They think about releasing the game as a collector’s edition exclusively through their online store, but they said they would need the full support of their fans to make this happen.

Ghostlight has not yet said anything about how we should support them, to make the European release of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 happen. They however said they are going to tell us more about it in the future.