English Accel World Dub Preview

Viz Media released the first video of the English Accel World dub today. You can take a look at the clip above tho get a sneak peek of the English dub. Accel World which aired last year on Japanese television. Viz already streamed this anime in the US on Hulu. Accel World is based of a series of light novels by Reki Kawahara who also wrote the Sword Art Online light novels.
Viz Media previously announced the English dub cast of Accel World, you can take a look at it below.

Haruyuki Arita aka. Silver Crow will be voiced by Erik Scott Kimerer
KuroyukihimeKuroyukihime aka. Black Lotus will be voiced by Kira Buckland
Takumu MayuzumiTakumu Mayuzumi aka. Cyan Pile will be voiced by Lucien Dodge
Chiyuri KurashimaChiyuri Kurashima aka. Lime Bell will be voiced by Michelle T. Hseih
Yuniko KouzukiYuniko Kouzuki will be voiced by Sarah Anne Williams

The English Accel World dub will start airing on April 19th on Neon Alley.