Two New A Certain Scientific Railgun English Dub Previews

FUNimation released two new video previews, of the English dub of the To Aru Kagaku No Railgun anime, which is also known as A Certain Scientific Railgun in English.

You can take a look at the main cast of the English Railgun dub below.

Mikoto Misaka is being voiced by Brittney Karbowski
Kuroko Shirai is being voiced by Alison Viktorin
Kazari Uiharu is being voiced by Cherami Leigh
Ruiko Saten is being voiced by Brina Palencia
Toma Kamijo is being voiced by Micah Solusod

You can take a look at the English dub in the two videos below.

The English To Aru Kagaku No Railgun dub will be released as a two-part DVD release on April 16.