Ace Attorney 5 Announced To Be Digital Download Only In The West

Ace Attorney Featured Image 5

Capcom just announced that the newest game in the Ace Attorney franchise, Ace Attorney 5 is going to be a download only title in the US and Europe. Capcom also said that a digital only release of Ace Attonrey 5, which is going to be named Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies in the west, is the only possible way for the game to be released at all in the west. Ace attorney 5 is being released exclusively for Nintendo´s 3DS.

Ace Attorney 5 is available in three different collectors editions in Japan, the limited edition includes a 1/10 scale Phoenix Wright figure, a pouch in the “Wright style,” Ace Attorney 5 chibi character stickers, and of course the game itself. The figure edition only includes the game and the 1/10 scale Phoenix Wright figure, while the extended edition comes with the game, the pouch in the “Wright style,” and the Ace Attorney 5 chibi character stickers.

If you pre order the game at a participating retailer in Japan you are going to get a DLC code for three in-game costumes, a classic suit for Phoenix Wright, a school uniform for Kokone and a casual outfit for Apollo. You can take a look at closer look at the DLC outfits at the end of the trailer above.

Ace Attorney 5 is going to be available on Japanese store shelves starting July 25th and some time this fall in the west.