Liberation Maiden Sin Release Date Announced

Liberation Maiden

The release date of Liberation Maiden Sin has been announced to be December 5th. Liberation Maiden, has first been released in the Guild01 compilation and then later re-released as a download title for iOS and the Nintendo 3DS, now is getting a sequel for PS3. But the new Liberation Maiden game is not what you expect, unlike the previous game it is a visual novel and not a shooter.

In the sequel to Liberation Maiden you take the roll of Kiyoto Kaido, Shoko Ozora´s chairman. The protagonist, Kaido is a psychic who has the ability to read the thoughts of other people, which is very useful for the president. The new Famitsu issue also unveiled that the game will feature various new female characters, which are cabinet ministers.

Liberation Maiden Sin is going to get released on December 5th.