New Version Of Persona 4 Arena Announced


The newest issue of Famitsu magazine just unveiled a new version of the Persona fighting game, Persona 4 Arena. The new version of P4A has yet to be named. It is going to add two new characters to the roster, Yukari And Junpei from Persona 3. Yukari is fighting using a bow, while Junpei is fighting using a baseball bat. They also are adding a shadow version of every character to the roster. The biggest difference between the normal and the shadow version of a character is, the shadow version of a character are unable to use Bursts, but they can go into a “shadow rampage” mode instead. The set of attacks of the entire roster also has been changed. It has yet to be announced if this is going to be, dlc, a stand alone title or a sequel to P4A.

More information has yet to be released on this new version of P4A.