How to launch external applications from within Oculus Home


This is a short tutorial on how to launch external applications from within Oculus Home. At the moment this is just a quick and ugly hack that lets you access other VR software such as Steam VR from within Oculus Home.

By following this tutorial, you agree that you take full responsibility and exempt us and from all and or any damage you may cause to your database/gameserver or computer by following this tutorial, as well as but not limited to any criminal charges placed against you, your family or your friends, or any other adverse effects that may result from following this tutorial. Do so at entirely your own risk. This tutorial is provided for information/education purposes only.

As a example for this step by step tutorial I am going to pick Steam VR to add to Oculus Home.
This tutorial requires you to use a preexisting Oculus Home application that will become unusable after the conversion.

1. Download a free Oculus app like Colosse or Henry, then close all Oculus services using the task manager

2. Go into your Oculus folder, open the Software folder, copy the name of the folder of the game you just downloaded and then delete it.

3. Open a admin CMD window, create a symbolic link to your desired software.
This is the command for the symbolic link in my case:
mklink /d “E:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\colosseteam-colosse-a-story-in-virtual-reality” “S:\Program Files (x86)\Steam”
The first one is the place where the link will appear as a folder and the second one is where it will lead to.

4. Now return to the root of your Oculus folder, open the Manifest folder, find the .json file corresponding to the game you downloaded.

5. Right click the json file of your game (not the _assets file) and open it using Notepad.

6.Find the “launchFile” line and change it to the exe of the program you want to use.
In my case: “launchFile”: “Steam.exe”,
If your game needs any additional comments to start into VR mode add these to the launchParameters line
In my case: “launchParameters”: “steam://rungameid/250820″,

7. Reboot your PC

Now every time you start this game in Oculus Home it will start Steam VR or whatever program you specified.
You can change the images that show up in Oculus home by editing them in Oculus/Software/StoreAssets/GameFolder

    • JB

      Can you please share your SteamVR icons?

    • Copakt

      Not Working

      • Marulu

        Oculus has updated how they store their files, this tutorial is out of date.

    • Captain Oculus

      It does work. I just performed this task even using an external SSD as the ‘target’ You just need to make sure of the following:
      1. You have the correct path (‘there is a new Software nested folder dir’)
      2. You update BOTH the .json and the minified .json files


      Happy VR’ing!