How to stop Oculus Home from auto starting & stop Rift/Camera from running hot

stop home

The problem is that whenever you restart your PC it restarts the Oculus service which launches Oculus Home. If you then close Oculus Home and you try to run a program that you want to use only on the desktop but has the Oculus SDK integrated like the Unity/Unreal editors it also starts up again. This can be very annoying but besides only being annoying it brings another problem with it, it always keeps the tracking camera and the sensors in your Rift running. Because these are always running your Rift and your Camera will start to get hot. The fact that this service is running all the time has also raised some eyebrows of the more privacy concerned.

The only thing we have to do to fix all these problems is making the Oculus SDK run on demand and not on auto start. To do this just create a bat file with the following content:

sc config OVRService start= demand
net start "OVRService"
if %errorlevel% == 2 net stop "OVRService"

This will stop Oculus Services from starting every time you restart your PC. Every time you want to start/stop the services you just have to run this bat file once more.

For this bat file to have an effect on your PC you have to run it with admin privileges.

Now whenever you are not using your Rift you can just turn the service off and your Rift will stop from running hot and Oculus Home will no longer keep annoying you. (And the privacy concerned people now can stop wearing their tinfoil hat while using the Rift. )

If you want to launch external applications from within Oculus Home, just check out our tutorial.

    • Andreas

      Thank you. At least that is a start to get things back to normal.

    • Matthew Baker

      You can as well go to windows “services”, click on oculus runtime properties and change start type to manual. Then from this same menu you can graciously start/stop service as needed.

    • k kk

      It doeas work thx! 2017 Jun, windows 10. Save file as riftstop.bat the .bat is important extension in notepad filename

    • sugamari

      gotta be klunky because facebook loves klunk. and privacy invasions and selling all that good stuff to anyone for anything.