Ext2DTR for DirectX 9


Many of you probably have experienced that some older demos only show up on the monitor and not on the Rift when launched using the LibOVRwrapper. This is because those demos only utilize the old extended mode and not the direct to Rift mode. While working on integrating the Oculus Rift extended mode into the Source Engine I found a few methods that can be used to render extended only games from older runtimes directly to the Rifts screen. This project of converting extended mode content into direct to Rift content is called Ext2DTR. (Extended to Direct To Rift)

To make all the extended mode games direct to rift compatible a lot of different versions of Ext2DTR will be needed. Today I am releasing the first of these versions, Ext2DTR for DirectX9. Using the Ext2DTR DX9 injection you will be able to enjoy old extended DX9 games that have head-tracking via the LibOVRwrapper directly in your Rift. Because this tool only changes where the image is rendered to, it is compatible with all runtimes LibOVRwrapper is ever going to support.


How to Use:
1.Make sure you have the newest version of LibOVRwrapper installed.

2.Place the d3d9.dll and Effects.fx next to the exe of the demo you want to inject direct to Rift mod into.

3.Start the demo and press the left analogue stick of you Xbox gamepad down as if it were a button to activate the direct to Rift mode.

There currently are not many old demos fulfilling the requirements for this version, but the amount of extended only demos using DX9 will increase once LibOVRwrapper starts supporting older runtimes like 0.5 and 0.4. Even though Source engine games like Half Life 2 do use DX9 they are incompatible with this version because they use the Steam VR API. This version is also incompatible with Tridef, because it overwrites our injection.

Planned versions:

-DirectX 11
-Windows 10 Desktop Capture API
-DX9 Steam VR (For Source engine support)


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    • Logic First

      Can you update this article or post a comment on what this is compatible with that you have tried?

    • darkraven418

      So SourceVR games use SteamVR… but they haven’t been updated?

      Thanks Valve…

      (This works great for the old demos though. Though Oculus did delete them. Know of any archives?)