How to: make your own custom Rift front cover


After my CV1 finally arrived I decided it´s design would need some spicing up. While thinking about how to improve the looks of the Rift I constantly ran into the same issue, the IR LEDs for tracking should not be blocked. After looking more deeply into the matter I found out that some kinds of paper are actually IR translucent. I took a look at several dozen different sheets of sticky paper until I found the perfect one for this job.

I ended up choosing the Herma Special “Movables” series which costs around 10€ for 25 sheets of paper.

After finding the right kind of paper all I needed to do was take a normal sheet of paper, trace the Rifts front plate and cut it out. Now I just printed out the design I wanted on my Rift and used the traced piece of paper as a guide to cut the front cover into the correct shape. All that was now left to do was to apply the new front cover to my Rift, please be aware that this is rather tricky because of the curved shape of the Rift.

After you are done you are left with a Rift sporting the design of your choice while still being 100% operational with all tracking IR LEDs intact.