Oculus Home Injector v1.0


A couple weeks ago we released a tutorial on how to to launch external applications from within Oculus Home. The biggest complaint about this method to inject a application into Oculus Home was that it was rather complicated and time consuming. We are happy to announce that /u/SquibOnAcid has been working together with us to automate this process. Today we are releasing the first version of the Oculus Home Injector.

The Oculus Home Injector allows you to replace any one of your preexisting Oculus Home applications with a program of your choice, it even allows you to specify a launch command to for example launch a specific Steam game ID. The injector also gives you access to the image files of the game so you can replace them with images of your choice. (The new images currently only get displayed in the desktop client and not in VR.)

By downloading and/or using the Oculus Home Injector, you agree that you take full responsibility and exempt us and mushroomtomatoes.com from all and or any damage you may cause to your database/gameserver or computer by using the Oculus Home Injector, as well as but not limited to any criminal charges placed against you, your family or your friends, or any other adverse effects that may result from using the Oculus Home Injector. Do so at entirely your own risk. This software is provided for information/education purposes only.

After installing the program all you have to do to inject a new application into Oculus Home is to select the old application you want to replace, specify the location of the new application. The backed up old versions of the files get stored at: AppData\Roaming\HomeInjector\HomeInjector\\Backup\

Planned features:

  • Display the changed pictures in the VR client.
  • Inject new applications into Home without replacing an old one.


If you are interested in VR check out our tutorials on How to make your own custom Rift front cover and How to stop Oculus Home from auto starting & stop Rift/Camera from running hot.

    • JB

      Not working in Win 10 Pro x64, at least for me. i have the Oculus folder in H:/Oculus, but it won’t recognize it when I use the search function.

    • M.

      Not working for me either… Before publishing, test it.

    • d

      it doesnt work
      red x next to everything never goes to green check mark except external app to link with. Oc home location never goes green. tried oc folder, oc home folder, software, folder, software/software folder, supportoculus-client, supportoculus-home, none of them satisfy the red x. All other fields

      lead to unhandled exception.
      installed, run as admin. Win 10 64 bit. Nothing works.

      • Marulu

        Oculus has released a update last year that broke support for this application.