Become a Partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner of, here you can find out how.

Requirements for shows:
- You need to have at least 1000 subscribers on YouTube.
- You need to have at least 15 thousand views in total on YouTube.
- You need to have original content.
- Your videos should not include racism, sexism and other offensive topics.
- You need to agree on the use of our video player.
- Your show needs to be about video games and or anime.

We do not accept the following:
- shows
- Let´s Plays

Requirements for websites:
- Your site should not have any illegal content.
- Your site should be safe for work
- Your site needs to be related to video games and or anime.
- Your site needs to have original content.
- Your site needs to be at least 4 months old.

Benefits of being a partner:
- More exposure on your content.
- More views and possible subscribers.
- We will link back to your site from the sidebar of our homepage.

Information About Our Player: uses the JW video player to display HTML 5 and Flash YouTube videos. All views your show receives trough our site will be titled as ” other” and or “viral”. Our player will display the same ads a standard YouTube embed would. The player includes a back link to the source of your video, so people can like, or comment on your videos and or subscribe to your channel. You are going to earn the entire ad revenue generated trough the YouTube advertising on your video.

Contact Us:
Tell us about you and your show or website and why you want to join our site below.
(The mail has to include a link to your channel/website.)

Please fill in the following form to contact us